IT Rentals

For a small business, purchasing IT hardware can be a quandary – your business is dependent on up-to-date IT hardware, but your capital is better used in other areas of the business.

By renting IT hardware through Prophecy, you can avoid major up-front capital expenditures. You can claim the full rental payment every month as an expense (decreasing your tax burden). IT Rentals also allow you to afford the right tools for your staff, increasing their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, renting ensures that you always have up-to-date equipment that meets your business needs.

We rent desktop computers, notebook computers, servers, networking equipment, security camera systems, printers, projectors, large format displays, and other IT hardware. With over 30 combined years in the IT Industry, we are able to provide you with expert advice and cost effective solutions. We’ve run our own small businesses, and understand the unique challenges facing todays entrepreneurs.

We are able to offer rental contracts for periods between one and five years.

Please email for additional information or for a quote on renting IT hardware.